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Tips to follow for the first timer Bangalore escort customer

Are you planning to try the services of Bangalore female escorts? If that is so, you need to follow certain tips for getting the best services. When you meet an escort, you have to follow  bangalore escorts certain rules and etiquettes and only then you may be served in the finest manner. Firstly, escorts are not prostitutes to sell sex. They are like companions who can make you feel relaxed with massage services, be a friend or companion or can be the travel partner. Certain escorts are there who offer intimate pleasure but you should not ask the directly. 

Key point to keep in mind while meeting female escorts 

  • Not all escorts offer services via a company. There are some independent  bangalore escorts services  operating independently. 
  • Most of the escorts do not sell intimate services.

  • When meeting an escort, expect to have her as your companion

  • Before getting the services, keep the money on the coffee table or the dresser and do not talk much about it

  • Keep your ID ready if the escort wants to see it.

Bangalore escorts services

Protect your anonymity 

For the internet, a client is supposed to have a fake email account and a temporary phone number. Make use of aliases to protect your anonymity. But then, the escort will be verifying you since she suspects you to be a cop. Show some trust  escorts in bangalore and let her verify that you are not an undesirable client. If she is confident about you, she will be offering great services. 

Etiquettes to possess! 

Bangalore female escorts are the most charming call girls in bangalore in the entire country. They are classy and sophisticated who expect you to behave in a certain way. Discuss out the adult services aptly and never embarrass her. If you are a first timer, it would be great to do researches on the services they offer. Be nice, clean, respectable and gentlemanly. Leaving the donation on the table without much discussion can impress an escort. 

Certain behavioral traits! 

Escorts are like any other woman and so you are not supposed to behave as per your wish. Discuss out adult services tactfully and in a disguised manner. Independent escorts Bangalore prefers clients who are polite, well behaved and elite. If you are rude, nasty or drunk, she may refuse to offer you services. Be good to her if you want a better experience. Never try to rip her off for some money and make her also feel comfortable. Those who are bad to the escorts get added in the list of ‘blacklisted clients’. 

Spend better time by being nice! 

When you spend time with an escort for the first time, do a bit of research on escorts to learn who actually they are. Escorts are presented in the television in a very unrealistic manner. Get over with that notion.



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